Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ho, ho, ho, my first blog award.

This is a milestone! My recent friend and fellow blogger Kimberly at Terra Del Sole, who "appears to be" also a fellow Italian gal, totally unexpectedly, today gave this award to me.

It's an honor to accept it and pass it to other 10, hmmm, blogging friends.

(understand me, this is my first one, may be with the next, if there is one ;-) I will not follow the rules).

So, first, 10 things I love:

1- Me!

(Recently I took the responsibility to love and care about myself, and bring me happiness, and I'm glad I started, at least at the age of forty..something)

2- My family. (All included but my two kids first :-D)

3- Friends and kind people, yes, I love to love.

3- Cuddles, I love to hug and kiss, kids and hubby.

4- Contemplate nature's beauty, like skies, sunsets, panoramas, trees, flowers....

5- Life ( not always ).

6- Laughing and smiling.

7- Blogging, and fellow bloggers, because mostly they bring me a smile.

8- To learn, discover and understand.

9- A tea or hot chocolate with pastries in my cozy home.

10- In summer I opt for ice cream.

11- Nutella, ops, only ten things, but, I have many, many more... oh well!

Now "10" blogs I love:

La mia cucina in India.

She is my Mom, I love her and her blog, but I know she hates these things, so I exonerate her from the rules ;-)

11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven.

Jen is so witty, kind and cool, with her mega family, she is my favorite read in the blogosphere.

Red Pine Mountain.

Mountain Woman is a wise woman I appreciate a lot, she lives in the woods (in a house) and she loves nature, her horse, her dogs, and reading. Mountain Man is an amazing builder and crafter ( and cook ).

My Little Life.

Mama M. is sooo funny, she always makes me smile.

Carma Sez.

A recent discover, she is funny, a bit craz..ahem..just kidding, and kind, and she has a witty point of view on life.

Specialty Recipes From My(e) Kitchen.

The Top Secret Diet.

The Top Secret Dieter is so humorous in her way to talk about weight loss issues.

Oh! Only seven blogs, these are the ones I'm affectionate most, there are others that I appreciate, but now I'm tired, sorry!

Awards are so exhausting! please, don't give me more!!!!!!


  1. Wow, Alessandra!!! Thanks! I really appreciate the award...even if I don't follow the rules well!!! Thank you sooooo much! (And, I'm glad I make you smile! That's award enough for me!)

  2. Congrats and thank you for the lovely award dear, ur are so lovely and generous.....

    Excuse me, i'm too lazy to follow the rules. Anyhow, you made my day!!!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

  3. Wow, you did it already! I only just saw Kimberly's post (and haven't worked out yet whether I'll pass this one along... but I love to visit the other "winners"!)

  4. Ah, you deserve an award so much more than anyone. You have such a kind and generous spirit. I was very glad to read that you are loving and caring for yourself. I was late to do that as well but it's so important.
    Thank you for the lovely, kind words you said about me and my blog. You have also pointed the way to other blogs I had never heard of.
    Thanks so very much!!!

  5. I just wrote a comment and I hope you get it! I'll check back later and see if it's there. Sometimes blogger is very frustrating.

  6. Yay on your awesome blog award! I've had it on my list to complete the steps to this award, so you may just see them on my blog...And I'll take "craz" as a compliment any day :D *muah* for the award <3
    p.s. If I can achieve your #1 item- also at the age of *cough* forty something *cough* I will be overjoyed as well....
    did I just read that your mom is a blogger!!!! How cool is that :-)

  7. Congrats on the award! I love your list and especially love nr 11!! =)
    I don't know if I've said it yet, but thanks for stopping by on my SITS day and for following me =)

  8. I can feel the love, so sweet, thank you girls, I love you, muah!

  9. Wow! Great job. I am Italian in spirit. My husband is 100%. His mother was from Parma, and his father from Carrara. (sp?)

    I studied all things Italian. I am sure (way back) Io sono pisana. (hope that is right) It has been a long time since I wrote anything in Italian.

    I love your top 10!

  10. ahahha love your post. And Love NUTELLA TOO I'm Italian, bread and Nutella was a daily snack. Hmm must be why I'm a sweet addict lol.

  11. Aaah Tania, yes nutella is addictive, which town are you from?

  12. I was born in Toronto (Canada) but my parents were from Avellino (napoli) and Latina (near Rome)

    ps. My online business is www.servpro.ca an online directory for Canadian Businesses. ;) Thanks for asking.

    Have a Great New Year!!!

  13. Oh and forgot to ask! What town are you from!? :)


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