Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog dreaming.

I read on a newspaper that, when you surf shopping sites on the web, you have the same satisfaction than shopping "for real", so, today I will "buy" some stuff that I like ;-)
Let's dream together!

A view like this, from my house:

A hammock in the sunset:

A corner in my house, like this:

A tree-house for my kids to play:

A garden with a tree like this:

and a gardener who sweeps the fallen flowers ;-)
Bye, bye....till the next dreaming session.
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  1. Oh - what a lovely lifestyle all that could be! thanks for sharing. i feel relaxed already!

  2. So beautiful! Yes, living by the beach, and looking out into the water. Ahhhhh! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ahhh very nice. I'm dreaming with you. :)

  4. that's awesome. I want all that too!!! :) stopping by from SITS.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Love the tree house. We have no mature trees so we are out of luck with this one.

  6. EMI, I live in an apartment, just imagine ;-)

  7. It's kinda like window shopping. Reality bites when you have to snap back to it though...when you realize that you're not sleeping in that 2.7 million dollar mansion with the marble floors and chef approved kitchen and that Gerry Butler is *NOT* waiting for you in the steamy shower. *SIGH* But yes, we can all dream :)

  8. Stacy, it's amazing for me, but while I was looking for things that I like, I found it hard, may be there is nothing I really, really wish for.


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