Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New blog award!

featured at:

Yesterday I was enjoying some moments ("loosing" my time) on the web, as usual, when I thought about creating my personal blog award to reward my favorites blogs.
I wanted to do something a bit funny, searched a proper picture on the web, edited it on "picnik", and here how it came:

I hope you like it, and if you want to use it and share it, I will be happy (save the image).
Actually this award has no rules, but at least you can give it to the coolest blog or blogs that you know, that's all.

At the moment, I gave it to two blogs:
My Mom's (You are cool!), check her yummy Italian and mixed recipes:
La mia cucina in India
And my "American who lives in Mexico" virtual friend (You are cool too!)
11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven



  1. Congratulations! You well deserve it.^^

  2. Thank you amore, i am not sure i deserve it.
    Love and kiss.

  3. For sure you deserve it, or at least I think you do, but .... lack of self confidence wasn't my prerogative?


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