Monday, November 9, 2009

Make your own duvet cover.

Do you, like me, prefer a bed in a bag, duvet, because it's more practical, modern, and easy, but you do have in your closet some old style bedsheets you don't use any more?
It's so easy, if you have a sewing machine to make your own duvet cover, from bedsheets.
You must have at least two bedsheets approximatively the same size, they have to be large and long enough to contain your duvet.
You only have to join the two sheets face to face, sew together the sides and the top.
Turn inside out et, voilĂ !
I've already done one for my daughter and planning to make one for our bed, I found the right bedsheets in my closet, but, since it's a long time I don't post, I can't wait until I've done it.;D
And the picture is not my bedroom, I found it on the web, but the cover is similar to the one I'm gonna make.
Thanks for "listening" and have a nice .... whatever.

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  1. Brilliant. I need to make one for the guest bed and was totally not wanting to spend the money on a real duvet cover. I love this idea. (Now I just need sewing machine!)

  2. Thank you alaskatoaustralia, borrow one, or invent something else, I don't know, ribbons? buttons?....

  3. I love the way you have made that duvet, i am going to do that for my spare room, and I can decorate it with some wooden buttons I think...thanks, I am a new follower of yours, come on over for a visit, love to have you...

  4. Thank you Phyllis for your nice comment, already visited your blog, and commented :)

  5. Hi Alessandra!

    Thank-you for the duvet idea!

    About the plex-glass--very easy to drill ad you just run the photos on a copy machine using clear-overhead projector paper.

    So happy to meet you!

    love, kelee

  6. This is a great way to get an inexpensive duvet cover. Will be fun to see the one you make when you get it done!

    pk @ Room Remix

  7. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I must tell you that we have a couple of duvets that I made from sheets and they work just fine. With the last one, I got fancy and made button holes so I could use nice buttons for the closure. Love it!
    All the best,


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