Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ode to a plastic container!

I stated in this post that I never buy plastic containers for food, because I use the ice cream ones, well, I changed my mind when....looking inside my pantry I found....aaaargghh what a mess! rolled pasta packets, nearly finished packets of flour, sugar, crackers, potato chips, chick peas free on the shelf....have I to go ahead?
No, well, it's better.
Soooo, I searched on the web what's outside there to solve my organization problem, I immediately went on Tupperware's site, and found they have very nice container sets, and what I understood is that I need high and slim containers, for my pasta, cereals, cookies, and something smaller for rice, flour, sugar, etc....
Today, looking for bedsheets (that I didn't found) in a shop, I found instead....tadaa! high, slim, oval plastic cereal containers, and so cheap (well, quite,...compared to Tupperware).
I bought three, and I'm looking forward to something a bit different, well, we will see, I hope my pantry will be something like this soon....not exactly, because I like it more "creative" (read, less precise) yet tidy.

If you need/want to buy the items I'm talking about, and don't know where, you can check my amazon store in the right sidebar.

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