Saturday, October 10, 2009

More eco cleaning tips.

Along with laundry ( see article here ), I started to use "alternative" products for cleaning the house too; for instance I use a very small quantity ( a teaspoon, more or less ) of washing soda in a bucket of warm water to mop the floors ( not suitable for wooden floor ), they say you can use vinegar in alternative, but I don't like the smell.
To clean the bathroom or the kitchen sink ( we have hard water ) I squeeze half a lemon, put the juice in a little cup, add one or two drops of dish detergent, mix, apply with a sponge and rinse, they come out neat and shiny.
To clean and disinfect kitchen stove, countertop, chopping board and dining table, plus every item that needs disinfection I pour some hydrogen peroxide ( 3% solution, the one you find in supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies ) on the sponge/rag and wipe.
I use peroxide to clean inside the fridge....
and to clean and deodorize inside and outside the shoes... but not with the same rag ;D
Actually there are more and more applications for peroxide, washing soda etc....but, for now I share the ones I already employ regularly and know that work.

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  1. I'm not happy with peroxide.
    It can react with some other liquids and materials and cause problems.

    People can be allergic to it too.

    So I'll stick to vinegar. I don't always like the smell, but it cleans the air and with a window or door open it's gone quickly.

  2. Thank you Laane for your opinion, obviously I use peroxide alone, I don't mix it with other products, and being made of water and oxigen I don't think there is a great danger of allergy, but when you try something new, common sense caution is needed.
    In any case use rubber gloves, if you are not allergic to them, to protect highly sensitive skin.

  3. What helpful tips. I recently discovered the power of baking soda for cleaning stubborn stains and I'm always anxious to learn more.

    Loved the pink gloves!

  4. I finally found a grocery store in town that carries Washing Soda...I'm excited to try it in more ways!

  5. Hi Heidi, welcome! be careful to wear rubber gloves, using it, and besides I see you are an amazon affiliate, they have it, I put all these products in my astore ;-)


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