Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy, yummy, healthy snack to please your kids (and yourself).

Basically this is an apple puree, but there is an ingredient that makes it so yummy!
You need:
- 2 or 3 sweet apples, for two kids.
- 2 or 3 cookies (not so small).
- water.
- a blender.
Peel, core, cut the apples,
put them in the blender,
add the cookies in pieces,
add some water just to help the blender,
nearly 2 or three tbs, but it's optional.
Blend until you obtain a smooth cream,
serve in cups.
Usually kids love it, and since I'm a bit childish, I love it too.
Actually I finish what it remains in the blender and if it remains a bit much, don't blame me.
It is also useful when a kid has a sore throat and cannot eat regularly.
And try with an apple and a pear, or an apple and a banana, it's also good.

Submitted at Homemaker Monday.


  1. I'm not a kid but I would love this and the neat part about it is that you can change the flavor by changing the cookies. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Hi, MW, I always use plain cookies, or the rice flour ones, but I won't prevent you from experimenting ;) let me know how it comes.
    See you soon.

  3. Wow! this makes me drool, very nice picture.

  4. Thank you Mythreyi, hemmmm, I chose the pic, not taken :D

  5. This looks good and easy to make! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  6. GREAT!!! treat for the grand-daughters and I think I will join them.

  7. I was browsing through for apple smoothies and found your recipe on the site.
    I tried ur recipe and it was a big hit it turned out family thoroughly enjoyed it.Thanks for sharing.:)

  8. I'm very glad, kothiyavunu, thank you for your gracious comment!


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