Sunday, September 27, 2009

How I removed a chewing gum stain from a pair of jeans

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I don't know how it happened that my 3-year-old boy stained his brand new pair of jeans with chewing gum, I was not really happy about it (this is a metaphor) but I heard that chewing gum is easily removed after putting the cloth in the freezer.
I let the jeans in it all night long, but in the morning trying to scrape the gum with a knife, nothing happened.
So what to do...recently I bought a product to remove hardened silicon and adhesive, I decided to give it a try, in each case the jeans were not wearable, at least to go out.
I took a piece of cloth, put some product on it, and rubbed on the stain, it came off so eeeasily.
Obviously I had to wash the jeans very well to remove the product, however now I was really happy :D
Housekeeping joys!
P.s.: I don't know if this product is suitable on any kind of fabric, in case you want to use it on something else than jeans, try before on a hidden spot.

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  1. what an idea, I have froze jeans before, used peanut butter and tried it all but what product exactly did you use?


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