Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3D Virtual Tourism - Italy

If you already know and use Google Maps Street View, you aren't new to what I'm talking ( writing ) about.
I recently discovered that there are virtual tours of towns and also monuments, you can walk down the streets, even enter in places like churches, and view wall paintings and ceilings ( close ups too ) as if you are really there, amazing!
What a useful tool if you, like me, cannot afford to travel for economic or other reasons.
If you can travel in real life, then you can consider it like an "appetizer" of your future tour or a tool to decide which place is the best for you.
I found that The Italian Ministry of Tourism, offers such an opportunity.
Click Here and you can find the site with a lot of interesting tours, divided by category, such as cities, countrysides, seasides, etc....

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