Sunday, September 27, 2009

How I removed a chewing gum stain from a pair of jeans

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I don't know how it happened that my 3-year-old boy stained his brand new pair of jeans with chewing gum, I was not really happy about it (this is a metaphor) but I heard that chewing gum is easily removed after putting the cloth in the freezer.
I let the jeans in it all night long, but in the morning trying to scrape the gum with a knife, nothing happened.
So what to do...recently I bought a product to remove hardened silicon and adhesive, I decided to give it a try, in each case the jeans were not wearable, at least to go out.
I took a piece of cloth, put some product on it, and rubbed on the stain, it came off so eeeasily.
Obviously I had to wash the jeans very well to remove the product, however now I was really happy :D
Housekeeping joys!
P.s.: I don't know if this product is suitable on any kind of fabric, in case you want to use it on something else than jeans, try before on a hidden spot.

Friday, September 18, 2009

3D Virtual Tourism - Paris

Do you want to know how is the view from the Tour Eiffel or how is the inside of Notre Dame de Paris, without spending a penny, and without moving from your couch?
Click here and check this site, it features beautiful virtual tours of Paris.
Very, very nice images!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3D Virtual Tourism - Italy

If you already know and use Google Maps Street View, you aren't new to what I'm talking ( writing ) about.
I recently discovered that there are virtual tours of towns and also monuments, you can walk down the streets, even enter in places like churches, and view wall paintings and ceilings ( close ups too ) as if you are really there, amazing!
What a useful tool if you, like me, cannot afford to travel for economic or other reasons.
If you can travel in real life, then you can consider it like an "appetizer" of your future tour or a tool to decide which place is the best for you.
I found that The Italian Ministry of Tourism, offers such an opportunity.
Click Here and you can find the site with a lot of interesting tours, divided by category, such as cities, countrysides, seasides, etc....

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