Monday, August 10, 2009

Room painting

When we had to paint our new (rent) apartment, I wanted to do something special, not the same old white, something that appeals to me, that brings me some emotion, so, to decide what colors I liked and the effect they did in a whole room, I checked on google images, "room color" and found a variety of rooms painted in different shades.
I felt immediately which ones I liked and picked up a cream yellow for living room, hall, and kitchen......

My daughter chose a light purple for her room......

And I chose a light turquoise for our bedroom......

I asked my husband what did he think about them, and he said in a very "macho" mood, "you choose, I'll paint" ;-)
Very good!
I found that the internet is a very useful tool, in "real life" too.
If you are wondering why I put here only pics about details of my home, it's obviously not to show you the mess that was all around :D
And last but not least I want to thank Jen, from ,who let me know about this site where I made the collages above. It was really funny.


  1. Even i wish my room to be painted with light purple shade. Think its time for re-paint;)

  2. Hi Mythreyi, I'm glad this was an inspiration to you, enjoy ;)


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