Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday !.... a bit in advance :D

Yesterday my little woman (taller than me), almost 12-year-old daughter, surreptitiously, came to me with a present in her hands, saying shyly: "this is for you".
It was a gift bag, the ones with puppies ( she loves them...puppies I mean ), with a variety of things inside.

There was a drawing she made, featuring Donald Duck...saying "with love".

A greeting card she bought with written inside, Happy birthday and I love you.
Two dark chocolate bars (she knows well it's my favorite) as you see in the photo, already open and eaten ;-)

One packet of mint candies "fondant" ( I don't usually eat candies, but those remind me about my childhood, and if you eat one together with chocolate you get an "After Eight")

And just for you to know, there also was a funny coffee cup, that her 3-year-old brother "nicely" arranged to crash.
I was very touched by her gesture (and by chocolate, yes, I admit), but my birthday is on October 12.
After having thanked, kissed and hugged her, I asked why "now"...she told me that she cannot wait for so long, to give me a present, and however for my birthday she will give me something else.
She's so sweet, isn't she? And lovely, and generous.


  1. Yes, very lovely "that she cannot wait for so long". Give her a big hug and many kisses from me.


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