Saturday, August 29, 2009

A hanging padded headboard in less than 5 minutes.

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It was some times that I was thinking to buy a padded headboard for my metal bed, you imagine how it's uncomfortable to lean on it.
Unfortunately they aren't cheap so I decided to make one with some stuff available in my house.
I had an old, small, squared, crochet blanket that matched with my bed; two old pillows that matched with the blanket and some curling ribbon, luckily in the same shade of color.
The procedure was soooo fast and easy:
I folded the blanket in two, like a big pocket with the open side upwards. ( I don't have to say to leave the right side out, right!?!)
Passing the ribbon through the holes in the crochet pattern, I hanged this big pocket at the horizontal bar of the bed headboard.
I made few different knots along the bar to sustain the pillows.
At this point I inserted the pillows through the open sides of the blanket/pocket et voilĂ  it was faster done than said.
This is only an idea, if you sew better than me ( believe me, everybody can ) you could do a better job, using any fabric, blanket, plaid, bedsheets, that you like and matches with your bed, sewing suitable fabric ribbons, sewing the sides and leaving only the upper part open ( to remove the pillows in order to wash the headboard ) know what I mean.

But if the headboard is large enough and you leave the sides opened, like I did, you can use it to hide your pillows while not sleeping, some people love their bed totally flat and tidy.

Happy Birthday !.... a bit in advance :D

Yesterday my little woman (taller than me), almost 12-year-old daughter, surreptitiously, came to me with a present in her hands, saying shyly: "this is for you".
It was a gift bag, the ones with puppies ( she loves them...puppies I mean ), with a variety of things inside.

There was a drawing she made, featuring Donald Duck...saying "with love".

A greeting card she bought with written inside, Happy birthday and I love you.
Two dark chocolate bars (she knows well it's my favorite) as you see in the photo, already open and eaten ;-)

One packet of mint candies "fondant" ( I don't usually eat candies, but those remind me about my childhood, and if you eat one together with chocolate you get an "After Eight")

And just for you to know, there also was a funny coffee cup, that her 3-year-old brother "nicely" arranged to crash.
I was very touched by her gesture (and by chocolate, yes, I admit), but my birthday is on October 12.
After having thanked, kissed and hugged her, I asked why "now"...she told me that she cannot wait for so long, to give me a present, and however for my birthday she will give me something else.
She's so sweet, isn't she? And lovely, and generous.

Friday, August 14, 2009

3-year-old's fun stuff

Me to 3-year-old boy: "darling come here, Daddy's on Skype!"
He: "which one?"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Room painting

When we had to paint our new (rent) apartment, I wanted to do something special, not the same old white, something that appeals to me, that brings me some emotion, so, to decide what colors I liked and the effect they did in a whole room, I checked on google images, "room color" and found a variety of rooms painted in different shades.
I felt immediately which ones I liked and picked up a cream yellow for living room, hall, and kitchen......

My daughter chose a light purple for her room......

And I chose a light turquoise for our bedroom......

I asked my husband what did he think about them, and he said in a very "macho" mood, "you choose, I'll paint" ;-)
Very good!
I found that the internet is a very useful tool, in "real life" too.
If you are wondering why I put here only pics about details of my home, it's obviously not to show you the mess that was all around :D
And last but not least I want to thank Jen, from ,who let me know about this site where I made the collages above. It was really funny.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Low carb eggplant-pizza

I will not cheat you saying it is identical to the real pizza, but if you want a low-carb alternative to it, you can try.
Take one medium eggplant, peel it, slice it lengthwise 0.2 inch, spread the slices on a oily oven pan, sprinkle with little salt, pour tomato puree or tomato pulp on the slices, let cook ten minutes in the oven at 428°F (220°C).
Take it out, garnish with Mozzarella, Parmesan, oregano, little evo, just anything you like on a pizza....and cook till done, when cheese becomes golden brown.
(You can also call it, one-layer-parmigiana ;-)

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