Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, kids!

This tip is more inherent with my other blog, because it's about shifting attention from negative to positive, but since is a very useful, everyday advice, I decided to post it here.
It has to do with dealing with children, especially small ones, but not's about preventing kids from doing something you don't want, avoiding their rebellion.
It's a very simple trick, yet sometimes one doesn't think about it....such a long prologue ;) instead of saying no! don't do it! give another pleasant option.
For instance your kid is watching tv for a long time, and you know that if you tell him to turn it off he will fight, tell him "let's take a bath" ( it works with my kid :D ), or "let's go out to play", or something you know he likes.
Another possibility that works well in the tv case, or with play, is "only one more, then enough" or "this is the last one".
And now that I'm thinking about the "one" option, it's helpful in the supermarkets too, when your kid is running everywhere picking up chips, chewing gum, chocolate....if you say: "you can choose only one thing" usually he accepts.
I should not say it, but I'll say it, in some case a "no", strong and loud is needed, as if they are doing something really dangerous.


  1. Thank you MW! ( I see you like
    acronyms ;))

  2. My sister is all anout picking her battles.. Me on the other hand I usually say no.. Hell what do I know I'm only the uncle...

  3. Hi, Vistaphotography, it depends on the situation, sometimes a no is needed, only you can valuate when, sometimes being a little cunning will save your day, and we must keep in mind that children are people with their likes and dislikes, as we are.


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