Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bath time!

I want to post a little more about children, something about my life and how I get away, with a stubborn 3 years old boy....yesterday he was bathing.... did I told you he likes it a lot?
He was playing and I let him stay a bit.
When I told him to go out, obviously he didn't want, but I had to prepare dinner, and didn't want to let him alone in the bath.
I tried to explain my point of view.....without result, then asked him to let me see how good he is at emptying the bath ;D, he immediately jumped out and happily did it.

I was happy too.

Joys of motherhood.


  1. I will not tell you how "great" was my morning, with my boy, at the office....this is more that I can bear, if someone has some advice, it's welcome, thanks!

  2. generally kids do not enjoy bathing, I do not know why but they generally do.

  3. Hi, Vinay Rai,
    I think they mostly don't like when you wash their hair, because water and shampoo go in their eyes and face, but they surely enjoy staying in the tub while playing.
    At least mine ;)


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