Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bath time!

I want to post a little more about children, something about my life and how I get away, with a stubborn 3 years old boy....yesterday he was bathing.... did I told you he likes it a lot?
He was playing and I let him stay a bit.
When I told him to go out, obviously he didn't want, but I had to prepare dinner, and didn't want to let him alone in the bath.
I tried to explain my point of view.....without result, then asked him to let me see how good he is at emptying the bath ;D, he immediately jumped out and happily did it.

I was happy too.

Joys of motherhood.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, kids!

This tip is more inherent with my other blog, because it's about shifting attention from negative to positive, but since is a very useful, everyday advice, I decided to post it here.
It has to do with dealing with children, especially small ones, but not's about preventing kids from doing something you don't want, avoiding their rebellion.
It's a very simple trick, yet sometimes one doesn't think about it....such a long prologue ;) instead of saying no! don't do it! give another pleasant option.
For instance your kid is watching tv for a long time, and you know that if you tell him to turn it off he will fight, tell him "let's take a bath" ( it works with my kid :D ), or "let's go out to play", or something you know he likes.
Another possibility that works well in the tv case, or with play, is "only one more, then enough" or "this is the last one".
And now that I'm thinking about the "one" option, it's helpful in the supermarkets too, when your kid is running everywhere picking up chips, chewing gum, chocolate....if you say: "you can choose only one thing" usually he accepts.
I should not say it, but I'll say it, in some case a "no", strong and loud is needed, as if they are doing something really dangerous.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to hang tshirts

Do you know when you have a lot of laundry to hang ( if you do it ), and so little room on the rack? mostly a lot of these little, cute and lovely teeshirts, or sweatshirts. ;)
I saw my chief's wife, hanging them by the sleeve's attachment.
And started to do the same :), you save a lot of space.
Surfing the web I found some interesting tips, on how to hang laundry,
Here and

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sugarless zucchini chocolate squares

I was looking for something healthy to satiate my cravings for sweets, that was not "so" sweet, I was inspired by this recipe of chocolate zucchini cake, hence decided to experiment.
I anticipate...the experiment came out well, at least for me and unexpectedly my family appreciate the result, my hubby too (miracle;).
So here the recipe
3 eggs
1/3 cup of oil (of your choice, I used sunflower)
2 tbs plain yogurt
5 tbs acacia honey
4 tbs cocoa unsweetened
2 medium zucchini grated and squeezed to discard the liquid
1 1/2 cup flour ( I had the all purpose one, but next time want to try whole wheat flour)
1/2 ts baking powder
1/2 cup raisin ( soaked in water and well drained )
3 tbs pine nuts ( I had it, and liked a lot, but you can use walnuts, or pecans, or try any other kind of nut available )

I added the ingredients in the same order as above, in a large bowl, while mixing well with a spoon.
I butter and floured a rectangular baking pan and distributed the mixture.
Put in the oven at 350° F ( 180°C) and cooked for 15-20 minutes.
When cooled, ( do you really think I let it cool before eating ? ) I cut the cake in regular squares ( like brownies ).
For me it was the perfect kind of sweetness, not too sweet, not bitter, but if you prefer something sweeter you can add some more honey or use sugar instead, just try the dough and add sweetener to your taste.
You can use brown sugar or fructose or what you like and/or is available, just experiment!
I have to say that unlike ready-made snacks this one satiates you with just one piece ( or two ;) and for a long time, may be due to honey, or zucchini, indeed healthy food is far more satisfying than junk food.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to make fresh tomato puree without food processor

I didn't know this fast and easy way to obtain fresh tomato puree, until I saw women doing it in Morocco.
And since I think is a very smart idea, I want to share it with, first, choose very ripe tomatoes, remove the stem, cut tomatoes in half across the width, remove the seeds and juice ( if you don't want to throw them away, you can season this "sauce" with a little evo, salt, oregano, and use it to dip some bread, enjoy! )...end of the digression, well, now put half tomato on a coarse grater, cut side down, and gently begin to grate it, at the end be careful not to grate your fingers and of course not to grate the tomato skin (discard it).
Complete all your half tomatoes and that's all, now you can fix some delicious tomato sauce or any other recipe you want.
Personally, this evening, I used this fabulous fresh raw tomato puree, to season some zucchini spaghetti, ( explanation of zucchini spaghetti is here ) as my dear friend Vivi suggested to me, and it came out wonderful, a perfect recipe for summer.
I made it very simple, only some zucchini spaghetti, abundant raw tomato puree, pinch of salt, little was so yummy, and so cool. ( Vivi's recipe needed basil and garlic too, but I had
not ).
Bye, see you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A "cow" hanger for kids' room

We had this ugly, old, wooden hanger, and wanted to throw it....instead a wonderful idea came to me, my daughter needed one, what about redecorate it?
I find cow decor is nice and cool for kids, so I bought white spray paint and black adhesive film, we've given two coats of paint, cut the black film in big shapeless spots ( with her help ), when the paint dried, we applied spots randomly on the hanger, and that's all, easy!
I imagine one can decorate almost any item in this way, and also in "zebra", "giraffe", "tiger" style....:D
One more tip for the hanger: if clothes tend to fall, you can apply thin adhesive velcro strips, on the knobs.

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