Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lavender essential oil

For me, lavender oil is a must have, I have it and use it for a variety of purposes:

* when I have a headache I rub a few drops of LEO ( the natural one, made by steam extraction of the flowers) on the temples and nape.
* when I have a cough, sore throat, and cold I rub few drops on the throat, or the nose.
* It keeps mosquitoes away
* I add some drops in the washing machine to disinfect and add a good smell to laundry
* I mix few drops to some base oil ( even EVO ) and rub my belly in case of pain or diarrhea, rub the stomach in case of indigestion, rub muscles for muscles pain.
* I use it pure, to treat athlete's foot, boils, small wounds.
* I put some drops down the drains or in the WC to avoid bad smells.

And I imagine it has many other uses.
Disclaimer: check an aromatherapy site for how to use and recommendations, essential oils have some contraindications and some dangers, ( most important DO NOT swallow, DON'T put in the eyes, and keep AWAY from children ).

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