Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hazelnut cocoa "spread"

I wanted a healthier substitute for Nutella, so I figured out how to make my own one, I took two cups of hazelnuts, raw, with skin, I powdered them, then added a little evo, just to make a cream, I added one tbs unsweetened cocoa, one tbs of acacia honey and mixed well, I put that solid cream in a glass jar and kept in the fridge.
Actually it was meant to spread it on bread, but mostly we ate it directly from teaspoon when we needed a treat.
And sorry we finished it before I could take a picture ;)
....Even the second time I did it......

Submitted at Homemaker Mondays


  1. This sounds wonderful! You didn't cook the nuts?

  2. No Casey, I wanted the healthiest thing ;-)

  3. Brava! this is really great, i have no hazelnut available here but i am going to copy the idea and make it with other nuts.

  4. Wow, this sounds awesome! So how did you powder the nuts? In a food processor?

  5. Actually in a grinder, Oh my Jen! Nutella made you follow my blog? something makes me think you love chocolate almost the same I do.

  6. Oh, my pesto turned out awesome! I made it with walnuts, too, and it was wonderful! I should be Italian, right? I will try to post the recipe on Friday, but I'm sure yours is much better!

  7. May be you're Italian at heart, fortunately cooking is a way to explore other traditions, without needing a visa.
    And who knows may be your pesto is better than mine, I'm curious to see it.


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