Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fried rice without...rice

I sometimes prepare fried rice with vegetables, but recently it happens that I don't like rice too much, I find that all the taste is in the veggies.
So this evening I made fried rice for my family ( it is one of the few way to make my son eat veggies ) but I added more veg than usual only for me.
My favorite mix for fried rice is: one onion finely sliced, one bell pepper, finely sliced, 2 carrots julienne and 2 zucchini julienne, recently I found that adding canned sweet corn add a delicious sweet flavor at the already spicy one.
I put all in a big frying pan, with the proper amount of oil, sautè until slightly tender, add some spice like curry, paprika, ginger, pepper, salt and cook a little more, not too much.
This evening I put aside a plate of this "stir-fry" for me and added previously boiled and drained rice in the pan.
Tossed and turned well with the vegetables and served.
I enjoyed very much my veggie stir-fry, I tasted rice and didn't like it at all.


  1. That looks delicious! But...how can you not like rice? It's amazing! :(

  2. I have to say...the day after I ate the leftover fried rice, cold from fridge, and it was soooo delicious :)

  3. wow..it's very healthy food. I love fried rice, especially the egg fried rice. Yummy!!! XD


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