Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fried rice without...rice

I sometimes prepare fried rice with vegetables, but recently it happens that I don't like rice too much, I find that all the taste is in the veggies.
So this evening I made fried rice for my family ( it is one of the few way to make my son eat veggies ) but I added more veg than usual only for me.
My favorite mix for fried rice is: one onion finely sliced, one bell pepper, finely sliced, 2 carrots julienne and 2 zucchini julienne, recently I found that adding canned sweet corn add a delicious sweet flavor at the already spicy one.
I put all in a big frying pan, with the proper amount of oil, sautè until slightly tender, add some spice like curry, paprika, ginger, pepper, salt and cook a little more, not too much.
This evening I put aside a plate of this "stir-fry" for me and added previously boiled and drained rice in the pan.
Tossed and turned well with the vegetables and served.
I enjoyed very much my veggie stir-fry, I tasted rice and didn't like it at all.

When eating ice-cream becomes convenient

I do not buy food containers, have many ice-cream plastic containers that work well for the purpose.
I have them in different size, in the smallest one I can store half onion or olives in the fridge, in the biggest half melon....and washed salad, leftovers.....
and more, is a useful way to recycle plastic.

Lavender essential oil

For me, lavender oil is a must have, I have it and use it for a variety of purposes:

* when I have a headache I rub a few drops of LEO ( the natural one, made by steam extraction of the flowers) on the temples and nape.
* when I have a cough, sore throat, and cold I rub few drops on the throat, or the nose.
* It keeps mosquitoes away
* I add some drops in the washing machine to disinfect and add a good smell to laundry
* I mix few drops to some base oil ( even EVO ) and rub my belly in case of pain or diarrhea, rub the stomach in case of indigestion, rub muscles for muscles pain.
* I use it pure, to treat athlete's foot, boils, small wounds.
* I put some drops down the drains or in the WC to avoid bad smells.

And I imagine it has many other uses.
Disclaimer: check an aromatherapy site for how to use and recommendations, essential oils have some contraindications and some dangers, ( most important DO NOT swallow, DON'T put in the eyes, and keep AWAY from children ).

Soap and soap

Do you have to pretreat your clothes before washing and the product is over? don't have marseille soap at hand? no problem, use any regular soap bar, rub well on the wet cloth, let rest some time, then wash in the washing machine or by hand.
My sons walk without slippers at home, so their socks are always dirty. To clean them, I put one hand in one sock, other hand in the other sock, I wet under the tap, rub with soap and rub thoroughly socks one against the other, it works.
Sometimes, when hand-wash detergent ends, I use liquid soap or bubble bath instead, it adds a nice smell too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo editor

I was desperately in search of an image editor, to do a 125X125 card for my other blog ( and then made another for this one).
I tried different software in my pc, sorry but no photoshop, and nothing worked.
I made a search on the web and found this site:
It is fast, easy to use, funny and free, I made my card in a flash and It came out nice, or I think so, that's why I recommend it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hazelnut cocoa "spread"

I wanted a healthier substitute for Nutella, so I figured out how to make my own one, I took two cups of hazelnuts, raw, with skin, I powdered them, then added a little evo, just to make a cream, I added one tbs unsweetened cocoa, one tbs of acacia honey and mixed well, I put that solid cream in a glass jar and kept in the fridge.
Actually it was meant to spread it on bread, but mostly we ate it directly from teaspoon when we needed a treat.
And sorry we finished it before I could take a picture ;)
....Even the second time I did it......

Submitted at Homemaker Mondays

how to put away your comforter if you don't have a proper bag

It won't be very stylish, but if you don't have a proper bag at hand, it will be ok, at least for the moment.
I usually employed a big plastic bag, I had purple ones, very nice to see.....but now I had no one, so....idea, I folded the comforter, then rolled it very tightly, took 2 plastic bags from supermarket, put the comforter inside one of them, it fitted well, then put the other bag, opposit side...perfectly sealed.

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