Thursday, December 31, 2009

I wish it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What women love....

This evening while I was unloading the washing machine....

My 12-y-o daughter: Mom, since tomorrow you're on vacation

we can do many things together, you can give me a manicure,

and straighten my hair, all the things that women

love......except you!

Yes, she knows me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ho, ho, ho, my first blog award.

This is a milestone! My recent friend and fellow blogger Kimberly at Terra Del Sole, who "appears to be" also a fellow Italian gal, totally unexpectedly, today gave this award to me.

It's an honor to accept it and pass it to other 10, hmmm, blogging friends.

(understand me, this is my first one, may be with the next, if there is one ;-) I will not follow the rules).

So, first, 10 things I love:

1- Me!

(Recently I took the responsibility to love and care about myself, and bring me happiness, and I'm glad I started, at least at the age of forty..something)

2- My family. (All included but my two kids first :-D)

3- Friends and kind people, yes, I love to love.

3- Cuddles, I love to hug and kiss, kids and hubby.

4- Contemplate nature's beauty, like skies, sunsets, panoramas, trees, flowers....

5- Life ( not always ).

6- Laughing and smiling.

7- Blogging, and fellow bloggers, because mostly they bring me a smile.

8- To learn, discover and understand.

9- A tea or hot chocolate with pastries in my cozy home.

10- In summer I opt for ice cream.

11- Nutella, ops, only ten things, but, I have many, many more... oh well!

Now "10" blogs I love:

La mia cucina in India.

She is my Mom, I love her and her blog, but I know she hates these things, so I exonerate her from the rules ;-)

11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven.

Jen is so witty, kind and cool, with her mega family, she is my favorite read in the blogosphere.

Red Pine Mountain.

Mountain Woman is a wise woman I appreciate a lot, she lives in the woods (in a house) and she loves nature, her horse, her dogs, and reading. Mountain Man is an amazing builder and crafter ( and cook ).

My Little Life.

Mama M. is sooo funny, she always makes me smile.

Carma Sez.

A recent discover, she is funny, a bit craz..ahem..just kidding, and kind, and she has a witty point of view on life.

Specialty Recipes From My(e) Kitchen.

The Top Secret Diet.

The Top Secret Dieter is so humorous in her way to talk about weight loss issues.

Oh! Only seven blogs, these are the ones I'm affectionate most, there are others that I appreciate, but now I'm tired, sorry!

Awards are so exhausting! please, don't give me more!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tv shows of my life.

No surprise I feel at ease with US anything, I spent a lot of my youth watching their Tv series.
Here I want to remember the ones I liked most.
In no particular order, and yes, I'm that old ;-)
Which one was your favorite?

And many others, not to mention the movies.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mowing the lawn or my favorite way to shave my legs ;-)

Today I want to explore the different ways one can shave her legs by herself, and what I think of them.
Razor: easy, fast, good result but it has the great inconvenient, that almost immediately the hairs grow again.
Wax: when I tried, it was a mess, I could not remove all the hairs and it was not so fast.
Soap or cream, I don't like it because I have to wait and don't like the smell, and like the razor the hairs grow quickly.
The last method I tried and currently use is the epilator, and yes, at the beginning it hurts a bit, but it calms almost immediately, it's fast, I do my forelegs in around 15 minutes, and I can forget all about it for a month or so.
Now, when I put my legs on the coffee table with my laptop, I don't seem a mommy bear ;-) I hope.
P.s.: Any method you choose, I have a great tip, after shaving, apply an aloe cream, it's amazing how it soothes the skin.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog dreaming.

I read on a newspaper that, when you surf shopping sites on the web, you have the same satisfaction than shopping "for real", so, today I will "buy" some stuff that I like ;-)
Let's dream together!

A view like this, from my house:

A hammock in the sunset:

A corner in my house, like this:

A tree-house for my kids to play:

A garden with a tree like this:

and a gardener who sweeps the fallen flowers ;-)
Bye, bye....till the next dreaming session.
Oh, and if you want to post something similar, or you have it already in your blog and want to share it, link up using the Mcklinky below.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Internet vs. Housekeeping


Today, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I wondered how was possible that, when we moved in our new apartment, my house "was" always beautiful and tidy.
Then I remembered, after the move, we (I) had no internet connection for more than a month. ;-)
They say (who are they, I don't know) that when you think about the web world when you are not online, there is a strong possibility that you are addicted to it.
Please! When do they think, that every single blogger ponder about what to post?
Of course while they are not connected, like this evening, washing the dishes I thought about this post.
And only for you to know, I left two pots in the sink, but only to soak them overnight, because they were so dirty, not because I wanted to write this post before I could forget it.
But, coming back to my lack of interest in the cleaning process, I don't think it's fault of the blogging thing.
When I hadn't the PC, it was television, or books, or seems I always find something more interesting, am I wrong?
So we came to the point, I would like to know, if there is out there in the world, someone who really enjoys the housekeeping, and if he or she would teach me how to love it ( would come to my home, two or three times a week, for free :-)
Best Regards.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids and games.

The almost 4-y-o boy was playing with a game on the PC.
12-y-o sister: "May I try?"
Little brother: "No, it's too difficult for the grownups!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A letter ( about her room chores ) to my 12-y-o daughter.

Dear S.,
since you don't know exactly what to do
I will explain it carefully.
There are things that need to be done at least
once a week:
- Put everything in order, books, clothes, other objects.
(that means, each item must have its own place,
that is not the chair or the trunk, or the whole desk)
- Dust the desk, the shelves, and every horizontal surface.
- Do the bed.
- Sweep and mop the floor.
And if I ask you to do some other chore,
it is not because I enjoy to annoy you,
It is because I need you to do it,
because I can't do all by myself.
You know, living together,
everyone has to contribute to the good
functioning of the whole,
including tiding and cleaning.
I love you.
P.s.: I don't think I'm asking you too much....?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A conversation I've heard.


Sister to almost 4-year-old boy: where do we live?

Almost 4-year-old boy: at home!

Sister: where is it, "at home"?

Almost 4-year-old boy: here!

Sister: we live in Italy!

Almost 4-year-old boy: no! we live in English!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oranges & fennels salad.


This is an unusual but delicious salad, believe me!
It's from Sicily, very easy to do, tasty and juicy, yumm, I've done it today, but I did not think to post it, so I've not taken a picture.
The pic is from the web.

Ingredients for 3/4:

2 blonde oranges
1 big round fennel
black pepper - optional
white vinegar


Wash the fennel,
remove the outer leaves,
slice it thin,
put the slices in a bowl;

Peel the oranges removing the white membrane too,
cut in two and slice them,
add to the fennel.

Sprinkle with little vinegar,
add a pinch of salt,
pour some olive oil,
pepper if you want.

Toss well and serve.
P.S.: You will thank me ;-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Keep your drains clear.

In our new/old apartment we have problems with the drains, they tend to clog.
I read, and applied something to keep them cleaned, and I can say it works, I don't know if it clears when totally clogged, but when the flow slows down it works nicely.
Well, you pour some spoon of baking soda or washing soda, down the drain, now little by little pour vinegar on it, let it bubble for a while, then open the hot water and rinse it all, voilà, frugal and eco-friendly!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Virtual turism 3D North Italy.


Okay, today I want to do some (not payed) advertising for the place where I live .
I live in North Italy, in the lakes region, near Lake Maggiore, and not far from Como Lake, where if you know, lives...Mr George E.R.
So, if you want, open this link, click on the map, and take a tour.
Besides, if you browse the site, you can find Venice, Milan and Bergamo.
One day, chatting with a fellow blogger, I said that the place where I live is nothing special, well, maybe I was a bit wrong, and however I was referring to my most immediate surroundings.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How I cleaned my steam iron.

This morning I was ironing when a brown synthetic fabric sticked to the plate and left a big amount of residues on it.
I did not have the proper cleaner, so what to do?
The iron cleaner I usually buy, is a white stick of some waxy material that when you pass it on the hot plate, it melts, then you pass the iron on a cloth, so the product and the dirt transfer on it.
Hmmm.....what if I use a candle instead?
I had a white candle, I passed it on the hot plate, it melted, I quickly passed the iron on an old cloth, result? the iron plate was perfectly cleaned!
And there was nor wax, nor dirt on it.
I know, it was somehow an hazard, however I had to iron, and I have something new to post ;-)

Presented at Homemaker Monday

Friday, November 27, 2009

Free vector art tool on


I was/am fascinated by the digital drawings and decor that I find on the web, but I didn't know how they do them.
I made some research (I love searching;) and discovered it's vector graphic.
If you already know it, or want to try or to learn it, I found a free tool to make vector art on the Internet, just click here, and besides, they have more image editors, and tutorials.
I hope I'll have the time to learn.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Add some green to your pasta al pesto.


Yeah, I know, pesto is already green, because it's made of basil leaves but, loving it, however I find it a bit heavy and too much oily, so I prefer to add some vegetables to lighten it, and to make a healthier and complete dish.
The first option is a traditional Italian (Liguria, the mother country of pesto) dish, whose name is "Advantaged" Pesto (Pesto Avvantaggiato), actually it's advantaged by the presence of green beans and potatoes.
When you prepare pasta al pesto, before adding the pasta of your choice to the salted boiling water, you half cook few handful of green beans chopped in half, and a potato chopped in small cubes.
Then you add pasta and after everything is done, you drain the pasta and vegetables and evenly season with the pesto sauce. Take care to save some of the cooking water to dilute the sauce if it's too thick.
The second option, that I invented one day to convince (trick) my 3-year-old boy to eat some vegetable, is simpler.
When you boil the pasta, one minute before it's done, add to the boiling water one medium zucchini finely grated.
When done, drain and season with the pesto sauce, the grated zucchini are scarcely visible and the pasta come out lighter.
If you don't know how to do your own pesto sauce, I will tell you how I do, but sorry I don't measure ingredients.
You need a blender or small electric mixer.
- two or three handful of basil leaves without stem, washed and dried.
- some (4 o 5) spoonful of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or Grana Padano cheese grated.
- some (2 o 3) spoonful of pine nuts (or/and cashews, walnuts)
- pinch of salt
- 1 garlic clove peeled
- extra virgin olive oil

-put all the dry ingredients in the blender
-add some olive oil, more or less one third of the mass ( 1/2 cup?).
-blend until you obtain a coarse cream
-if needed add some more oil.


Note: the quantities are subjective, if you love raw garlic add more, if you love more nuts add more, follow your own taste.
And you can add some Pecorino cheese if you like it, or/and some ricotta cheese, or some butter.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New blog award!

featured at:

Yesterday I was enjoying some moments ("loosing" my time) on the web, as usual, when I thought about creating my personal blog award to reward my favorites blogs.
I wanted to do something a bit funny, searched a proper picture on the web, edited it on "picnik", and here how it came:

I hope you like it, and if you want to use it and share it, I will be happy (save the image).
Actually this award has no rules, but at least you can give it to the coolest blog or blogs that you know, that's all.

At the moment, I gave it to two blogs:
My Mom's (You are cool!), check her yummy Italian and mixed recipes:
La mia cucina in India
And my "American who lives in Mexico" virtual friend (You are cool too!)
11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven


Monday, November 9, 2009

Make your own duvet cover.

Do you, like me, prefer a bed in a bag, duvet, because it's more practical, modern, and easy, but you do have in your closet some old style bedsheets you don't use any more?
It's so easy, if you have a sewing machine to make your own duvet cover, from bedsheets.
You must have at least two bedsheets approximatively the same size, they have to be large and long enough to contain your duvet.
You only have to join the two sheets face to face, sew together the sides and the top.
Turn inside out et, voilà!
I've already done one for my daughter and planning to make one for our bed, I found the right bedsheets in my closet, but, since it's a long time I don't post, I can't wait until I've done it.;D
And the picture is not my bedroom, I found it on the web, but the cover is similar to the one I'm gonna make.
Thanks for "listening" and have a nice .... whatever.

Featured at:


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Share your tips second edition.

Here we are with the second edition of "Share your Tips" blog Carnival, to know the rules and regs go Here.

Welcome and thank you for your submissions!

Have too much clutter? So do we! Here are some elimination suggestions.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy, yummy, healthy snack to please your kids (and yourself).

Basically this is an apple puree, but there is an ingredient that makes it so yummy!
You need:
- 2 or 3 sweet apples, for two kids.
- 2 or 3 cookies (not so small).
- water.
- a blender.
Peel, core, cut the apples,
put them in the blender,
add the cookies in pieces,
add some water just to help the blender,
nearly 2 or three tbs, but it's optional.
Blend until you obtain a smooth cream,
serve in cups.
Usually kids love it, and since I'm a bit childish, I love it too.
Actually I finish what it remains in the blender and if it remains a bit much, don't blame me.
It is also useful when a kid has a sore throat and cannot eat regularly.
And try with an apple and a pear, or an apple and a banana, it's also good.

Submitted at Homemaker Monday.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My favorite Italian dessert, Panforte.

Today I was in my grocery store, and what I favorite dessert (apart from Tiramisu) and it was on an offer, wow, I grabbed it without thinking twice.
When I was young I didn't like it so much, but now, oh I love it, may be due to the fact that I eat it only once in a year, in Italy is a traditional Christmas sweet.
For people who never tasted it, I's made mostly of candied fruit, ( orange peel, cedar, melon ), almonds, and spices.
Is a flat, round, small cake, with powdered sugar on top, and wafer below, the consistency is almost like soft nougat, and when you eat it, is tender and crunchy at the same time (due to almonds).
The taste is...the word that comes to my mind is round, complex, totally delicious, and of course sweet.
So, if you like candied fruit and spices, it's worth to try.
But remember to remove the paper ring around.
Here you can find more informations about Panforte.
And don't say I'm a glutton, I'm not ;-)
Let's say I'm a gourmet.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ode to a plastic container!

I stated in this post that I never buy plastic containers for food, because I use the ice cream ones, well, I changed my mind when....looking inside my pantry I found....aaaargghh what a mess! rolled pasta packets, nearly finished packets of flour, sugar, crackers, potato chips, chick peas free on the shelf....have I to go ahead?
No, well, it's better.
Soooo, I searched on the web what's outside there to solve my organization problem, I immediately went on Tupperware's site, and found they have very nice container sets, and what I understood is that I need high and slim containers, for my pasta, cereals, cookies, and something smaller for rice, flour, sugar, etc....
Today, looking for bedsheets (that I didn't found) in a shop, I found instead....tadaa! high, slim, oval plastic cereal containers, and so cheap (well, quite,...compared to Tupperware).
I bought three, and I'm looking forward to something a bit different, well, we will see, I hope my pantry will be something like this soon....not exactly, because I like it more "creative" (read, less precise) yet tidy.

If you need/want to buy the items I'm talking about, and don't know where, you can check my amazon store in the right sidebar.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A new carnival is born.

I'm pleased to host a new carnival on my blog , "Share your tips", you can freely participate by submitting a tips' article, regarding the following topics:
  • everyday living
  • home and garden
  • housekeeping
  • cooking
  • parenting
  • all things creative
  • traveling
  • blogging
  • frugal living
  • healthy living
  • ecology
  • pets
This carnival will be published during the first days of the month and will last till the end of it, you can add maximum two post per blog.
Use the Mcklinky link below, enter your name and a brief description of your post, then copy and paste the post URL in the proper space (not your home page URL).
I encourage you to read other participants' posts, and to comment.
Welcome and thanks for your contribution!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More eco cleaning tips.

Along with laundry ( see article here ), I started to use "alternative" products for cleaning the house too; for instance I use a very small quantity ( a teaspoon, more or less ) of washing soda in a bucket of warm water to mop the floors ( not suitable for wooden floor ), they say you can use vinegar in alternative, but I don't like the smell.
To clean the bathroom or the kitchen sink ( we have hard water ) I squeeze half a lemon, put the juice in a little cup, add one or two drops of dish detergent, mix, apply with a sponge and rinse, they come out neat and shiny.
To clean and disinfect kitchen stove, countertop, chopping board and dining table, plus every item that needs disinfection I pour some hydrogen peroxide ( 3% solution, the one you find in supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies ) on the sponge/rag and wipe.
I use peroxide to clean inside the fridge....
and to clean and deodorize inside and outside the shoes... but not with the same rag ;D
Actually there are more and more applications for peroxide, washing soda etc....but, for now I share the ones I already employ regularly and know that work.

If you need/want to buy the items I'm talking about, and don't know where, you can check my Amazon store in the right sidebar.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A more eco friendly.... laundry.

Recently, after my mom's advice, and after reading an article about it, I started to experiment with an alternative way to do laundry.
In this way you cut off harmful chemicals that spoil environment and our health too.
Now, for a load, I use half of the detergent dose ( ecological is better ) and for the whites I add a tbs of washing soda.
For dark colors, on the contrary I add a tbs of baking soda ( more delicate and dissolves better), these two products enhance the washing power of the detergent and are not toxic ( but washing soda is irritant so don't touch it with bare hands).
Instead of the softener now I use half a glass of vinegar ( white of course ) with 3 drops of a natural essential oil for a good perfume ( now I'm using lavender but I want to try bergamot because I'm fond of Earl Grey's scent).
I assure you, the smell of vinegar doesn't remain on the clothes, I was afraid of that too.
After the first time, in which it was a bit strange this new method, now I'm very happy with it, the laundry is cleaner, softer, scented, less wrinkled...and more sane.
Thank you, Mom!

If you need/want to buy the items I'm talking about, and don't know where, you can check my amazon store in the right sidebar.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How I removed a chewing gum stain from a pair of jeans

Presented at Homemaker Mondays

I don't know how it happened that my 3-year-old boy stained his brand new pair of jeans with chewing gum, I was not really happy about it (this is a metaphor) but I heard that chewing gum is easily removed after putting the cloth in the freezer.
I let the jeans in it all night long, but in the morning trying to scrape the gum with a knife, nothing happened.
So what to do...recently I bought a product to remove hardened silicon and adhesive, I decided to give it a try, in each case the jeans were not wearable, at least to go out.
I took a piece of cloth, put some product on it, and rubbed on the stain, it came off so eeeasily.
Obviously I had to wash the jeans very well to remove the product, however now I was really happy :D
Housekeeping joys!
P.s.: I don't know if this product is suitable on any kind of fabric, in case you want to use it on something else than jeans, try before on a hidden spot.

Friday, September 18, 2009

3D Virtual Tourism - Paris

Do you want to know how is the view from the Tour Eiffel or how is the inside of Notre Dame de Paris, without spending a penny, and without moving from your couch?
Click here and check this site, it features beautiful virtual tours of Paris.
Very, very nice images!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3D Virtual Tourism - Italy

If you already know and use Google Maps Street View, you aren't new to what I'm talking ( writing ) about.
I recently discovered that there are virtual tours of towns and also monuments, you can walk down the streets, even enter in places like churches, and view wall paintings and ceilings ( close ups too ) as if you are really there, amazing!
What a useful tool if you, like me, cannot afford to travel for economic or other reasons.
If you can travel in real life, then you can consider it like an "appetizer" of your future tour or a tool to decide which place is the best for you.
I found that The Italian Ministry of Tourism, offers such an opportunity.
Click Here and you can find the site with a lot of interesting tours, divided by category, such as cities, countrysides, seasides, etc....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A hanging padded headboard in less than 5 minutes.

Featured at:

It was some times that I was thinking to buy a padded headboard for my metal bed, you imagine how it's uncomfortable to lean on it.
Unfortunately they aren't cheap so I decided to make one with some stuff available in my house.
I had an old, small, squared, crochet blanket that matched with my bed; two old pillows that matched with the blanket and some curling ribbon, luckily in the same shade of color.
The procedure was soooo fast and easy:
I folded the blanket in two, like a big pocket with the open side upwards. ( I don't have to say to leave the right side out, right!?!)
Passing the ribbon through the holes in the crochet pattern, I hanged this big pocket at the horizontal bar of the bed headboard.
I made few different knots along the bar to sustain the pillows.
At this point I inserted the pillows through the open sides of the blanket/pocket et voilà it was faster done than said.
This is only an idea, if you sew better than me ( believe me, everybody can ) you could do a better job, using any fabric, blanket, plaid, bedsheets, that you like and matches with your bed, sewing suitable fabric ribbons, sewing the sides and leaving only the upper part open ( to remove the pillows in order to wash the headboard ) know what I mean.

But if the headboard is large enough and you leave the sides opened, like I did, you can use it to hide your pillows while not sleeping, some people love their bed totally flat and tidy.

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